Journal cover and first steps into FPP

NWF Journal cover 1

All the ideas that I have need to be put within one cover from now on and so I’ve bought an inexpensive but huge journal. It’s hidden away underneath the black fabric and on top of it I will place a foundation paper pieced heart. The very clever idea is to fuse brain with heart in my projects :)

You might see from pattern that the heart will finish at 8” x 7 1/4” and even then there will be room for a border around it on the front cover. The journal is indeed large, but I want to keep it at only one spread per project. This covers everything from design, pattern info and more to maybe a scribble or two, as well.

The heart fabrics that I’ve chosen are these:

NWF Journal cover 2

So far I’ve made two pieces and it was slooow! But fun! And I kept the Craftsy class next to the sewing machine, went back and forth in the video (and suspect I’ll still have to a couple of times). This is how I left it last night:

NWF Journal cover 3

The black print is obviously directional, which means extra work. I had cut a piece of the folk-type white/red fabric next to the red pebbles and it was the mirror image once I wanted to sew it in place. Ugh, I had selected it especially for this FPP piece, but had to cut a new one. The current piece isn’t as pretty, but we live and learn, right? Right.

After that I still effed up a piece or two of the black until I finally got it how to twist and turn the pattern on top of the fabric. This scenario in general is so me somehow; don’t make it easy, but be a magnet for exactly any and every trouble there is to find, and for heaven’s sake, to begin with, don’t pick an easy project for a first foundation paper piecing block either. Great life lessons to be had, though *chuckles*

If you’re wondering about the heart pattern, I have no idea where I found it. I tried with a quick google, but didn’t find it. It might have been on the Moda Bakeshop blog, though.

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