Testing typefaces for my breathe quilt

Jacquie Gering asked the students of her walking-foot class what we would write with matchstick quilting and my idea was a wall-hanging mini quilt with the word breathe on it, in white on white.

I finally have the quilting design in my head and here are some typefaces that I’ve auditioned, in shades of blue like the sky:

NWF breathe quilt - Typeface auditioning

There are also Helvetica and Helvetica Neue, both in bold, but since they won’t show in Scribus for whatever great reason, I went through FontBook and chose these instead.

The names of the fonts are written in AnuDaw, which you together with the other free fonts above can find on FontSquirrel.

I don’t have space behind my meditation altar for the quilt, but it can fit somewhere else for now. I’m taking my first steps into yoga, while mindfulness is a bit better known to me already, and this quilt has become very important to make.

Wonder which typeface I’ve chosen? Eau Sans Black. It’s quite fitting really, as walking, running or sitting at the shores of the Baltic Sea has a highly calming effect on me. And “water without black” is the purpose here, too; clarity, purity, white, and light. Focus, calm, and stability.


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