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The technical tutorials on tools and techniques are usually posted on Mondays, whereas the typical day for posting fabric-related tutorials or other tutorials containing a free pattern is Saturday.

Please note that what I post on this blog is intended for personal use only, and using anything downloaded on larger scale and/or distributed to others, including changing contents and/or making financial gains on my work is prohibited. In short, don’t rip me off in any way. You are free to link on your own blog to a project of mine by taking the main photograph and linking to the specific blog post in question (or gallery page for a quilt-along or such). If you pin a project on Pinterest, also use the main photo only and link to the specific blog post in question. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep creating for your enjoyment, so thank you for understanding!

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Quilts – Large:

Quilts – Baby:

Quilts – Mini:

Smaller projects:

Nina With Freckles - MQGIM Mug rug swap - Finished mug rug 2015-06-03

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The sewing machine, thread and fabric:

      NinaWithFreckles - Sewing machine needles  

Mathematics in quilting:

   NM Patterns - Simplicity - Block 8 IQCB main v2 2015-07-20