My Asphalt Jungle quilt design

Earlier this year, the new Quilt Now magazine arranged a design contest using fabrics from the Jungle Ave. line by Sara Lawson for Art Gallery Fabrics.

I designed a quilt the size of a nap quilt for a child and this is the quick design that I submitted:

NWF-101 Asphalt Jungle 2014-10-17

I’m still learning how to use the software, Scribus, so the fabrics are in incorrect direction in the half-square triangles, but other than that it’s “what you see is what you get”.

If you’re interested in making this quilt, post a comment and I’ll write the pattern for it.

Fabric Spot fabrics finally arrived

The Fabric Spot fabrics that I won in the Stitched in Color challenge finally arrived a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to blog about them until now.

I got to pick two fabrics that weren’t part of the original palette, since they were not available at the time, and upon receiving them I was surprised to see how well they match each other. Here they are!

NWF Stitched in Color contest Fabric Spot fabrics 2014-10-17

Aren’t they lovely? I have no idea how to use them yet, but I think I’ll use all the palette fabrics in the same project to build upon the original idea. The pair of nature-themed fabrics would be gorgeous to use as starting point for something larger, using the colours of the roses.

What do you think? Have some ideas for these? Happy Friday and a lovely weekend!

My snail palette won!

I can’t believe it, I am so humbled and grateful! My first palette, the one with the snails, lots of yellow and blue in various hues, won the Unabashedly Yellow challenge sponsored by Canadian Fabric Spot.

I was about to wrap up my Monday and then Rachel’s email announced its existence in my inbox, so I headed over to her blog and found this:

NWF Unabashedly Yellow prize 2014-07-14

My cheerful little palette got over 24 % of the votes, which I still have a hard time believing, because there were so many other fantastic palettes in the challenge.

I’m still stepping outside of my comfort zone and have never participated in a challenge like this before. What a lovely end to a nice Monday!

Another one for the Stitched in Color fabric palette contest

One is allowed to enter with two palettes in the Stitched in Color contest and I’m still as happy to window shop for fabrics in the Fabric Spot webshop, so here’s my second contribution (the first one’s here)!

NWF Stitched in Color fabric palette contest 2014-07-09

I don’t have anything in my home of mustard yellow (apart from the Dijon in the fridge of course), but combined this way it really is a delicious hue, don’t you think?

Stitched in Color fabric palette contest

Ah, my favourite! Fabric palettes! Window shopping is almost as good as shopping for real when it comes to fabrics, so I eagerly dug out my foundation print from the Fabric Spot webshop upon reading of Rachel Hauser’s challenge over at Stitched in Color.

The theme is “Unabashedly Yellow” and what do you think? I’d love to win this bundle is what I think!

NWF Stitched in Color fabric palette contest 2014-07-08

My starting point were the snails, I love those snails! Recently I saw them on someone’s blog or in a webshop and thought I’d love to get a yard of it.

As for the fabrics in general, I think only two are from the same line, numbers 11 and 12 down in the right corner. It still amazes me what one can do when carefully combining single patterns from different lines. Hope you enjoyed my contribution, wish me luck!

ALYOF July 2014 – MQG Michael Miller fabric challenge

NWF ALYOF 2014-07 - Michael Miller fabric challenge

This is my first official A Lovely Year of Finishes goal and I’m excited to participate. My scope is to not only finish this MQG Michael Miller fabric-challenge mini quilt but also enter it in the competition before deadline 25.7.2014.

I have lots of stuff to learn when making the quilt and I’m both thrilled and nervous about the prospect. Hopefully I won’t eat my words this time regarding stepping outside of my comfort zone… Usually I work quite well under pressure, when there’s a real rather than made-up deadline, so we’ll see what comes out of this ALYOF challenge!

Edited to add: It wasn’t tricky at all to create the link, I’m happy to report.

July 2014 Projects – Challenge

In July I would love to get my projects moving in the following ways.

I would like to finish the following projects:

  • Lampshade for sister – Deadline 13.7.
  • MQG Michael Miller fabric challenge – Write a post, link to A Lovely Year of Finishes; deadline 7.7.14. Deadline 21.7. (so I have a bit time to post about it too).
  • Journal cover – Deadline 31.7.
  • Placemats – Deadline 31.7.
  • Printer cover – Deadline 31.7.
  • Signal flag pillows for dad – No current deadline

These projects I’d like to make progress on in the following way:

  • Cross-stitch pattern #101 – Finish stitching
  • Quilty Stitches sampler along – Finish block 2
  • Signal flags quilt – Decide whether block size is okay, identify techniques involved
  • Skill Builder 2013 quilt – Make the Sound Wave block
  • Tea pot cover – Practice drawing on the app

June 2014 Projects – How did I do?

On 19 June I wrote my first challenge post and this is how I’ve done this month.

I wanted to finish the following projects and here’s how things went down:

  • iPad cover for mom – Deadline 23.6. > Done 20.6.
  • Lampshade for my sister – Deadline 26.6. > New deadline 13.7.
  • Signal flag pillows for dad – Deadline 23.6. 25.6. > No deadline currently. Working on them, didn’t have zippers but those are bought now.
  • MQG QuiltCon quilt design – Finish my contribution, deadline 30.6. > Decided not to enter, like the design and want it as my own.
  • Placemats – Deadline 30.6. > Not done, have worked on other projects instead.

These projects I wanted to make progress on in the following way:

  • breathe quilt – Decide which font to use > Done 22.6.
  • Journal cover – Bought a journal the other day and it needs a cover; my first foundation paper piecing is coming up, so at least finish the FPP heart in June > Not quite done yet.
  • MQG Michael Miller fabric challenge – Order stuff for appliqué, design the quilt, and make a template whilst waiting for said order > Went for freezer paper, not fusible web, and the quilt is designed and template partly made (still thinking about the shape, not convinced).
  • Printer cover – I keep dusting the printer but it should be covered; status report and game plan > July week 2; the back needs to be closed and bottom seam sewn.
  • Signal flags quilt – Status report and game plan > First decide whether block size is okay, then identify techniques involved in each block.
  • Skill Builder 2013 quilt – Make the Sound Wave block > Nope, worked on other projects.
  • Tea pot cover – Have looked for an FPP pattern for a long time and found a couple that are almost but not quite there; making a first draft for a pattern is June’s sub-project > Purchased a drawing app and am learning how to use it still.

These projects I worked on instead:

  • I submitted a quilt design to the new Quilt Now magazine using Sara Lawson’s Jungle Ave. fabric line; it’s a competition on her blog. It was a great experience and I had lots of fun.
  • I made the first block of Quilty Stitches sampler along.
  • I designed my first cross-stitch pattern and have worked a bit on it, being my own pattern tester. It’s funny how I was the one to draw the pattern, yet once I’m supposed to translate it to stitches on the canvas, I have to refer to the pattern over and over. The motif is a quote and I’m sure I’ll have it done in no time, so I can show you.
  • I reorganised a bit here on the blog (a bit means an hour or so; surprisingly time-consuming).

Putting stuff in writing makes me realise what I perceived as fairly unproductive was in fact a very focussed and happy time.

I felt really good knowing I had only a handful of these “assignments” rather than go all “la la laaa, I can’t hear you, I’m confused and can’t decide which project to grab next”, then get nothing done.

This format is something I most certainly will do again for July. Do you keep yourself organised in a similar kind of way?

Block 1 of Quilty Stitches

NWF Quilty stitches - Block 1

I mentioned a while ago that I had committed to make a Quilty Stitches cross-stitch sampler and here’s the first block done. I’ve done cross stitch in the past, but never fractional stitches, so that was the first thing to read up on. Actually I thought cross stitch means whole crosses and nothing else, so live and learn :)

The Swoon block was laborious to make, but also fun and pretty. The light blue is quite light, the green a medium one, and the violet a gentle kind of value but oh so difficult to photograph well. I have the same problem when taking photos of purple jewellery that I sell and in those moments I wish I had a really good camera.

As you can see I’ve already started on the second block and there’s much more counting compared to the first. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you in the coming week.

Have you joined this sampler along yet? Happy Saturday!

Testing typefaces for my breathe quilt

Jacquie Gering asked the students of her walking-foot class what we would write with matchstick quilting and my idea was a wall-hanging mini quilt with the word breathe on it, in white on white.

I finally have the quilting design in my head and here are some typefaces that I’ve auditioned, in shades of blue like the sky:

NWF breathe quilt - Typeface auditioning

There are also Helvetica and Helvetica Neue, both in bold, but since they won’t show in Scribus for whatever great reason, I went through FontBook and chose these instead.

The names of the fonts are written in AnuDaw, which you together with the other free fonts above can find on FontSquirrel.

I don’t have space behind my meditation altar for the quilt, but it can fit somewhere else for now. I’m taking my first steps into yoga, while mindfulness is a bit better known to me already, and this quilt has become very important to make.

Wonder which typeface I’ve chosen? Eau Sans Black. It’s quite fitting really, as walking, running or sitting at the shores of the Baltic Sea has a highly calming effect on me. And “water without black” is the purpose here, too; clarity, purity, white, and light. Focus, calm, and stability.