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Sometimes I suck so bad, it makes me crylaugh and snort simultaneously. I just glanced at my fridge door and noticed the calendar from January still hanging on it. It’s amazing how our brains can become unresponsive to certain things after a while, and while I have no idea of the cause to make me see it with new eyes again, instead of writing a to do in my calendar, I made the two missing calendars in one go. And I will write a note in it to make April’s calendar to post – before March is completely over.

Here’s the one for February, in case you wish to make retroactive scribbles still:

Nina With Freckles - 2016-02 Quilty Calendar 2016-03-12

Nina With Freckles - Download button 2015-09-16

And the one for March:

Nina With Freckles - 2016-03 Quilty Calendar 2016-03-12

Nina With Freckles - Download button 2015-09-16

I hope you enjoy them! Please comment if you find something wrong with the pdf file, and I’ll see if I can fix the problem.

Earlier calendar:



Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I posted my last update on Tokyo Subway Map QAL and I finally have the fabric. I also received the Moleskine about two weeks ago, but as I was printing some things to put into it, I ran out of glue tape. The grocery stores didn’t carry it, but an office supplies store wasn’t immediately on my path, so it’s taken longer than expected to get on a roll with the new Bullet Journal gone GTD. There are finally some photos I want to post, but that will wait until next week.

In the meantime, the little thank you I have promised to share! You’ll find the download button at the end of the post, and the file is uploaded to WordPress directly, so no worries about weird external link sources.

Nina With Freckles - 2016-01 Quilty Calendar 2016-01-17

I’ve decided to post a free printable Quilty Calendar each month this year, and that is the one for January. Mine is already on the fridge, so printing works on Mac at least. The format is A4 and make sure to print at 100% even if your paper is US letter.

Why “quilty”? Well, I like graphic shapes, and the greyscale was chosen to accommodate also those with black-and-white printing as only option at home. Plus it is nice with a subdued colour palette from time to time.

If you’re curious about the typography, the month is written in Anders by Tom Anders Watkins, who happens to be half-Finnish by the way. Anders is a free font, as is Questrial by Admix Designs, the one used in the calendar portion. As usual, should you install them for your own use, make sure to read the licences, which in particular on Behance vary quite a bit. A safe choice is FontSquirrel, the source of Questrial linked above, with their free fonts for commercial use.

Enjoy the calendar and please respect the copyright! Refer your friends to my blog and I’m very happy. 2016 is go!

Nina With Freckles - Download button 2015-09-16