Hey woohoo, one whole month fast forward in one day only. It’s a miracle! Hrm, yes, it seems like the increasing length of day and the approaching Spring (can’t feel it yet, but we’re getting closer with less snow at least) makes me a bit giddy.

So, the Scandibee October blocks were for Belinda in Norway, and they incorporated flying geese, which are on my mind now, in particular as Anna Maria Horner has an absolutely gorgeous class on Creativebug. Belinda requested scrappy flying geese with low-volume birds, one-hued backgrounds, and as a final punch, a side panel with large motifs.

My sewing machine is a topic I’d rather not talk that much about anymore, so a photo will suffice. It does test my patience, but I suppose that’s what I’m supposed to be dealing with :)

Nina With Freckles - Scandibee October 1 2016-03-11

There was extensive troubleshooting on Instagram after I posted the same photo there, and currently I’m using leaders as often as possible. Leftover selvedges are perfect when cut up into small strips, by the way.

Nina With Freckles - Scandibee October 2 2016-03-11

Tadaah, that’s much better.

Nina With Freckles - Scandibee October 3 2016-03-11

Indeed it is! As for the leftover half-square triangles of the first block, I decided to use them in a mug rug.

Nina With Freckles - Scandibee October 4 2016-03-11

For some unknown reason I had cut the backing quite a bit larger, which gave me the idea to try a new binding technique. Oh, and what’s that hand stitching? Yes! It’s my first hand quilting! I had so much fun, and it was made possible courtesy of Aurifil’s lovely 28-weight box that I received a couple of years ago, but hadn’t had a chance to take for a test spin yet. I adore the texture, and in fact the Queen of hand quilting, Sarah Fielke, prefers this thread over Perle 8 cotton. Supposedly this behaves better when being pulled through layers over and over again.

Nina With Freckles - Scandibee October 5 2016-03-11

There was a bit too little of the backing despite my initial thought, but machine stitching it in place worked well enough. Due to its purpose as a mug rug, and the fact that the geese points with hand quilting were where they were, I wanted a very narrow binding anyway. As for the technique itself, I think I’ll stick to a separate binding in the future, but I’m very happy I have tried this at least once!

The HSTs from the second block are unused still :) Oh the possibilities…

The October blocks were fantastic and they certainly get done quickly, in case you’re in need of a quick block for some project. I tried to access the website with the tutorial we used, but Firefox claims it’s been reported as an attack site, so I’m not going to put a link here. The block finishes at 12.5”x12.5”, though, in case you want to do your own math. The side panel is 12.5”x4.5” to get you started.

The range of colours that Belinda has received is fantastic, so check out #Scandibee on Instagram if you want to keep track of the quilt!



  1. Kristine

    Nina, I cant find your Instagram post, so I don’t know if anyone else suggested this, but my machine was doing the same thing to corners when sewing triangles. Truly frustrating! Turns out this is less likely to happen with a straight-stitch needle plate, because a zig-zag needle plate allows the fabric to be pushed down below the sewing surface and then the corner gets chewed up. I always use a piece of leader fabric, and this really didn’t help the problem for me. One of the main reasons I chose to get my new Juki was because of the straight-stitch needle plate feature – I don’t even have to change the plate; it simply has a switch under the bobbin cover. Before I had this machine, I read that there are ways to put something over the zig-zag needle hole to make the corner chewing less likely. Type “straight stitch needle plate” in your browser search box and then click on images for some ideas. I avoided triangles before for this very reason, and now I got a Sizzix die for HSTs! I plan to sew a lot of triangles now!

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Well hello! And thanks for the tip!
      Turns out we went through that list, but I think I may have had a few too many feels to write about it as calmly as you did, so thanks a bunch for your contribution, I really appreciate it!

      Needle plate: Unfortunately I can’t find one for my sewing machine model. It’s one of the basic ones of Husqvarna Viking, and despite googling, and finding those fitting higher models, this one doesn’t seem to be included in regards to plate size requirements.

      Tape or something else to cover the wide hole: OH MY GOD. Why didn’t I think of it??? I’ll have to try with closing at least the right-hand side of the needle, because I can only move it to the left. Of course the generic walking foot won’t play nice, but to sew in the middle in relation to the middle of that presser foot, I need to move the needle ever so slightly to the left. There’s other stuff going on, too, in the left-hand area, so I might not be able to place a tape piece there. But maybe it might help sewing from a corner if at least the right side were closed. Will definitely try!

      Another solution we troubleshooted back then was to start the seam 1/8” or so inside the corner on the diagonal, since that allows for fabric to already have moved above the wide hole.

      1. Kristine

        It wasn’t easy for me to put tape over the hole because it’s such a TINY area and you don’t want tape on the feed dogs, right?! Once you get that tiny piece of tape (or a piece of index card taped down) over the hole, you can’t change the needle position or the hole in the tape becomes too large and defeats the purpose. But, to save the frustration of all those chewed up corners, it might be worth it to try.

        Did you see that I finished my Tokyo Subway Map Quilt top?! I just LOVE it and am so grateful that you posted the QAL to keep me motivated.

        1. Nina With Freckles Post author

          I have yet to check out Instagram, am lagging so behind in everything social these days. I’ve just written up a bunch of posts and set them on scheduled publication for the next few days, to wrap up 2015. But then there’s of course Tokyo still! Will have to go take a look, it sounds magnificent :)

        2. Nina With Freckles Post author

          You know what? First I thought washi tape is thinner than duct tape, but then I thought of unscrewing the needle plate entirely, turning it upside down, taping from the underside, then putting back in place. Might work!


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