Spray starch made at home

NWF Homemade spray starch 2014-12-01

NWF Homemade starch 2014-11-10

Spray starch is a new thing for me and it isn’t readily available here in Finland either, so it was with joy that I stumbled upon a tutorial by Kati of from the blue chair how to make it at home. Since she uses American volumes, I’ve adapted the recipe to the metric system:

  • 1-2 tablespoons or 15-30 ml corn starch, often sold as Maizena
  • 500 ml water

I have omitted the essential oil, but a drop or two should be fine if you like this addition. As you can see from the photo, corn starch clumps easily, so don’t pour too much at once into the funnel.

The more starch you add, the stiffer the fabric will become, and the original recipe is with 1-2 tablespoons per 1 pint (473 ml), so 15 ml corn starch might not be enough in your opinion. Start with less and add as you go.

As Kati said, test it on scraps first. Isn’t it great how something so basic can be made at home in no time and in such an inexpensive way, too?

And how does one use spray starch, one might wonder? Alyssa of Pile O’ Fabric has a great tutorial with Youtube videos included. She covers everything you can think of, from amount of starch to iron settings to how to move the iron (pressing or ironing).

What is your experience with spray starch? Do you make it yourself? If you don’t, would you consider making it based on this information?

2 thoughts on “Spray starch made at home

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Hi Alyssa, thanks for stopping by! I’ve only used it once on the Sound Wave block, so a total newbie still. Since it becomes a milky-white mixture, it leaves drop marks on the fabric, but those will naturally wash off.

      I think I might need to add more starch to the blend, as a good tablespoon full doesn’t make the fabric feel very “treated” if that makes sense? I can notice a stiffer fabric, though, so at least it’s working.

      As for the volume, I can’t say yet, since I’ve just begun to use it. But a box of corn starch will last a long time with this recipe, that much I can say.


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