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Labelling fabrics with numbered binding clips

Nina With Freckles - Labelling fabrics with numbered binder clips 1

Have you ever needed to keep track of your fabric piles in a way that their “chronology” matters? I have! A typical situation is when you want to chain piece columns of patches, or when you’re working on a larger paper-piecing project.

My solution was to write a series of numbers in Scribus, print on white sticker paper, cut, and, um, stick. I used up all the binder clips that I already had, and then needed to purchase a few more, since you can end up using quite a lot of colours in paper piecing, should you happen to catch the FPP bug.

Nina With Freckles - Labelling fabrics with numbered binder clips 2

My basting pins came in an acrylic (I think) box, but in between basting I don’t want to close them unnecessarily, and so they won’t fit into this box anymore. It happens to be the perfect size in all dimensions, however, for this batch of labelled binder clips! For ease of use, I keep them in number order, too. Don’t you just love happy coincidences like that?

How do you label your fabrics? So far I’ve heard of labelled masking tape, labels at the end of safety pins, and labelled ziplock/minigrip bags being used. And clips of a different kind, like Carol Doak does in her Craftsy class; the origins of my binder-clip idea.