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Friendly reminder – Read bloglovin’ without frames

NWF bloglovin frames

If you don’t want to read bloglovin’ with the frames, just click “I don’t want the frame”. Easy peasy. I prefer no frames and was happy to find this option in the profile settings.


Friendly reminder – Back up your blog

With this post I hereby start a new series, the Friendly reminders with emphasis on friendly. They will arrive at random times whenever I have an exceptionally brilliant thought or something else revolutionary (well, super organised, but that might scare you off).

I’ve been meaning to find out how to back up this blog for a long time and finally remembered to go looking for where and how to do it. Turns out it is very easy, just look!

NWF Backup WordPress 1

NWF Backup WordPress 2

The xml file isn’t large, meaning there’s no image or similar content, so that you need to take care of separately.