Tokyo Subway Map QAL - Button 2015-08-05 500px Whoa, week 15 (14.-20.12.2015) has begun with the last row of blocks being sewn for Tokyo Subway Map Quilt. How are you doing? Still on-board?

I’m thinking I should start piecing the rows as long as I have no white background available. We’ve had a postal strike and mail is very messed up still, so I’m not counting on having any more fabric before Christmas.

Sewing the week 16 blocks:

  • Block 20
  • Block 21

Are you in the Northern hemisphere? Feeling the darkness? We have no snow here and some days are quite grey, which is wearing me down a bit. I have projects to work on, but it’s a bit difficult to muster up the energy to do some sewing. Hope things will be easier once we have some relaxing days off.


2 thoughts on “TOKYO SUBWAY MAP QAL – WEEK 16 BLOCKS 20 AND 21

  1. nevynevster

    Hiya. I am in Japan and actually it is generally bright even though the days are short. I am running massively behind too now with travel And a quilt I needed to get done as a present! So I think it will be a pause until January to be honest! We can finish together!


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