Tokyo Subway Map QAL - Button 2015-08-05 500pxHi there, welcome to week 13 (23.-29.11.2015) of Tokyo Subway Map QAL! Schedule says we ought to be halfway through sewing the blocks, but schedule is up for debate in most participants’ cases :) I have no more Kona White, and hence have to take a little break.

On the other hand, now that I have a clear system of working in batches, I’m certain it won’t be too bad to catch up again once I have the fabric in my hands. It is exciting to see blocks growing – or should I rather say shrinking? because they look like cute mini versions once sewn together! – and that in itself makes the hard work of cutting scraps worthwhile. Without further ado, the prompt.

Sewing the week 13 blocks:

  • Block 13
  • Block 14

My suggestion posted a few days ago on Instagram to a fellow quilter, who felt she was behind, is worth repeating here. If you have yet to cut all lines, pick the scraps and backgrounds for the blocks we are working on now, stay on track from now on, and squeeze in a block here and there from previous weeks. No harm done! And make sure to use the hashtag #TokyoSubwayMapQuilt on Instagram so we can cheer you on!

Comments? Questions? Squeals of happiness? Groans of frustration? Floor is yours below! :)


4 thoughts on “TOKYO SUBWAY MAP QAL – WEEK 13 BLOCKS 13 AND 14

  1. saddespressedlonely

    Sorry to hear you are out of white! We will hoist you back on when it arrives! I can’t count as I am out of 1 type of grey and still need to do 2 blocks with grey! Some ordered and should arrive tomorrow!

  2. nevynevster

    Hi, how annoying to run out! I also had a bit of a miscounting problem and ran out of one of my grey Fabrics. Couldn’t easily find the same so had to introduce a new pattern to the mix half way through! Hey ho!
    I am still running very slightly ahead but that’s because I have to do all my sewing at the weekend so I try to do some for the week ahead too!
    It is very exciting to see it coming together, so pleased I joined this qal!

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      That’s probably bound to happen at some point, because there are quite a few bits and pieces to keep track of… It’s a good idea to stick to a rhythm, I think, because at least I feel like I have to shake off some rust first, when getting back in the game.

      And I’m very glad there are other participants than myself, so thank you for that!


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