Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 10 Blocks 6 and 7

Nina With Freckles - Tokyo Subway Map QAL week 10 2015-11-02

Tokyo Subway Map QAL - Button 2015-08-05 500pxWell have I got great news! I purchased my first Aurifil thread earlier this autumn, and have used it for the first time yesterday. It is like a dream and the seams are so unbelievably flat compared to my old threads. Total convert here! Some people say thread will be as expensive as fabric and I get it now, yes I do.

Oh, and welcome to week 10 (2.-8.11.2015) of Tokyo Subway Map QAL! Wow. I’m running out on white Kona for the background as we speak, so it may take a while before I have more to cut, but luckily we aren’t progressing at lightning speed here.

Sewing the week 10 blocks:

  • Block 6
  • Block 7

That photo up there is block 6 in the making. My stash was diversified a bit earlier this year when receiving bee blocks from my Scandibee ladies, as some of them sent me pretty scraps. Six of the patches in block 6 are from those scraps and it makes me so happy to know that my friends are part of this process on a section of those subway tracks!

I received feedback just now on Love2Kwilt’s situation and life keeps throwing us around unexpectedly. I told her we will be cheering her on once she’s ready to roll up the sleeves with gusto once more. Anyone else feel they have fallen off the wagon? Need a tiny nudge or just a friendly smiley on Instagram? Any speed is good, even turtle speed, okay.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 10 Blocks 6 and 7

  1. nevynevster

    I have found Aurifil a bit prone to breaking if I am honest. In fact I use a polyester mix one now which was recommended by the teacher for a class I attend. It’s very reliable and never breaks! I have had a lot of trouble with bobbin tensions though … but I think somehow I am not winding it up properly

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      I’m just glad to hear you’ve found a solution that works for you! My machine seems very pleased about Aurifil, when combined with Schmetz needles. There is almost no lint build-up at all, which in itself is almost a miracle, and I have sewn quite a bit already, without having it break a single time, so perhaps it varies from machine to machine. I’ve heard many say it’s optimal for them but a few who have mentioned thread breakage, just like yours.


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