Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 9 Blocks 3, 4 and 5

TSMQ Week 9

Tokyo Subway Map QAL - Button 2015-08-05 500pxHello lovelies, how are you doing? Welcome to week 9 (26.10.-1.11.2015) of Tokyo Subway Map QAL! We are having a beautiful day here today in Helsinki, and with all that sunshine I send you the newest prompt for our beautiful quilt.

Instead of taking photos earlier in the day, I decided to head out for a run, and the one above will be replaced soon enough (yep, I also need to do something about my pressing-board fabric, it’s looking rather nasty these days). We turned our clocks to winter time yesterday, which means the sun just went down a few minutes ago, and it isn’t even 17.00 yet. Yay, darkness… I don’t mind, but photos are a ghastly task to take during the winter months, in particular when you don’t have but a point-and-shoot at your disposal.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been rather quiet on Instagram lately, which was due to illness and then a burst of migraine lasting several days. The other day, however, I finally was able to check out the hashtag #TokyoSubwayMapQuilt once again and saw some really nice photos. It made me so happy to see how we are working on this quilt, basically spanning the whole globe.

Sewing the week 9 blocks:

  • Block 3
  • Block 4
  • Block 5

Perhaps you noticed how I switched around weeks 8 and 9? I decided to do that after having read some comments about not having cut everything needed yet, but next week, there will be only two blocks to sew. The average is 2-3 blocks each week, if you want to finish the quilt top by New Year’s, whereas if you aim to have the whole quilt finished then, speed up a bit and sew 3 blocks weekly.

Nevy mentioned being sick of cutting for the background and I don’t blame her :) It would have been so convenient to use at least skinny strips (skinny jelly roll), but we can’t have it all, can we, heh.

Hope your week 9 will be successful!


8 thoughts on “Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 9 Blocks 3, 4 and 5

  1. Kim

    I just started this project and cut all my pieces on my Accuquilt GO BIG…did it all in an afternoon!! Maybe that is a little like cheating but it was quick and all my pieces are precise.

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Hello Kim, thanks for stopping by!

      Cheating, huh? I don’t think so :) Isn’t it akin to buying precut strips or such? If I were quilting more, I’m sure eventually I’d also invest in some machine, because while it’s meditative at times to cut, cut, cut, it’s also very slow.

      Should a machine make parts of the process faster and more precise as you said, then why not? Also, we all have our own weakest links in the process, and one of mine seems to be cutting all the pieces before beginning.

  2. nevynevster

    I agree. Why not use tools to help! Especially after I see some evidence of wonky cutting in my block 1!

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Nevy, somehow I missed your comment earlier. Yes, wonky cutting can happen in particular when I sit down like I do now. I’m much more precise when standing up and using more weight on the table, but my kitchen table is on the lower side and being fairly tall I can take it only so long.

      So now I sit down whilst shuffling fabrics and cutting with the 6”x6” ruler, but at times I can feel it slip ever so slightly (should probably get those stickers to put underneath it for increased friction), and it makes me wonder whether I’ll see it in the end result…

  3. Love2Kwilt

    Well, I haven’t kept up with the weeks at all. I think I have 5 lines yet to cut and then most of the background squares, also. But, I’ve had a friend going thru surgery for breast cancer, my son’s birthday, and now we are preparing for a trip in a few weeks. I’m not worried about it….it will get done eventually! Most of my lines are coming from true scraps and the majority of the squares have been cut individually, so it’s quite time consuming; plus, I’m being a perfectionist on cutting them all the same size. I’m trying to think of ways to lay out all the blocks before starting to sew…I remember seeing something about some type of cardboard pieces with felt on them so they could be laid out and then stacked for storage in between sewing sessions? Do you remember seeing anything like that?

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Hiya, that sounds like a very stressful situation you have going on. It’s completely understandable that something like this would be put on the backburner. When you’re ready to pick up speed again, make sure to tag us on IG so we can cheer you on. I suspect there might be some irregular progress speed for others, too, so even more reason not to stress about this.

      As for the trays, I think I know which ones you mean. Fat Quarter Shop has a YouTube video with Lori Holt, a how-to tutorial on making her design boards:

      My own design wall is very small, the back of an Ikea large picture frame no longer in use, onto which I’ve taped (well, to the backside) a child-sized fleece blanket.

      (By the way, I converted its frame and front into a light filter when taking photos in the winter half of the year when the sun is very low aka floods my south-facing flat. The filter is white tissue paper for gift wrapping. Works very well.)

      1. Love2Kwilt

        Oh, yes, I think this is what I saw! Thank you for the link! I would love to be able to arrange the blocks on these boards, then place them on the bed to make sure they’re all lining up before sewing, but then they can be stacked and put away without losing all that work of arranging them.

        I might spend some time cutting squares this weekend just to get some “fabric therapy” – we have 3 weekends left before our trip, so the real preparations will begin next weekend.

        1. Nina With Freckles Post author

          You’re welcome :) I use fleece taped to the back of a picture frame, and since the flat is small I just keep the blocks on it as needed, but if there are several projects to prepare for simultaneously, these smaller boards seem very useful.


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