Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 5 White background (1 of 3)

Nina With Freckles - Tokyo Subway Map Quilt week 5 background 1of3 2015-09-28

Tokyo Subway Map QAL - Button 2015-08-05 500pxDear Tokyoites, we are moving on to the background of the quilt this week (28.9.-4.10.2015)! I still have a bit to cut for the lines, but I’m getting there. What about you?

Have you decided on your background colour yet? I’ve been thinking it could look rather smashing in low-volumes, too, but have to mull this over for a couple of days still. Another solid than white could also work really well, as long as a possible line of the same colour wouldn’t disappear completely. Maybe an Essex linen, possibly yarn-dyed, could work, too, although not for me, since I have neither the amount needed, nor the skills currently to sew with quilting cottons and mixed-fibre fabrics combined. Oooh, or how about shot cottons? Decisions, decisions…

Cutting the pieces for week 5:

  • A first third of the background

How are you feeling about all this cutting? Is it how you usually make quilts, prepare all pieces first, then sew individual blocks, and finally all blocks together? I must admit I don’t work this way usually, but finish steps here and there, and I rather like this properly prepared method.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 5 White background (1 of 3)

  1. nevynevster

    I Have opted for ivory, a little softer than white but I liked the contrast and the similarity to the metro map! I have done 100 so far so quite a way to go. It feels like a slog with the same colour all the time

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      In my head, I had envisioned Kona White (since that’s my go-to white at the moment), but then today, when writing this post, I had all these alternative ideas pop into my head :)


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