Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 4 Grey line and black stops

Nina With Freckles - Tokyo Subway Map QAL week 4 Grey line and black stops 2015-09-21

Tokyo Subway Map QAL - Button 2015-08-05 500pxExciting times, Tokyo friends! ‘Tis week 4 (21.-27.9.2015) of Tokyo Subway Map QAL, and on the menu is the grey line as well as the black stops. There isn’t much to cut, so if you’re behind in regards to the rainbow lines (like I am a bit), now is the time to catch up.

And fear not, if you do the nifty solution of cutting the background in batches, with a few strips placed on top of one another, you will proceed rather swiftly. This might give some time to catch up still, should you not have finished cutting for all lines and stops by the end of this week. Please holler either here or on Instagram, if you feel like getting some love to help you through the process! Cutting happens globally, as a matter of fact :)

Cutting the pieces of week 4:

  • Grey line
  • Black stops

Short and sweet!

I’ve cut all black stops and grey solids, so there is a bit left to cut for this week’s prompt. And to thank you for stopping by, I want to end with some more eye candy. I cut all the solids yesterday:

Nina With Freckles - Tokyo Subway Map QAL Solid fabrics 2015-09-21

Have a nice Monday!


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Subway Map QAL – Week 4 Grey line and black stops

  1. nevynevster

    I love your solids. I had so many patterns that I have not really managed to use any solids (apart from black) but I now wish I had!

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Can you change things still? Those squares you’ve already cut really aren’t useless :) And if you’re feeling like that right now, it might be that you wish later you would have done something about it when you were able to still!


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