Get Organised 2015! – A free printable to organise your sewing

Nina With Freckles - Get Organised 2015 printable pdf 2015-09-16

Oh my, I’m so excited that Wednesday has finally arrived! You know, Organising Wednesday! Because I have a printable to share with you, to help you organise your sewing. I have quite a few projects going on currently, and many of them have deadlines I can’t miss, and so I started pondering what to include in a one-page, monthly overview to cover several of the needs that quilters of Instagram might have.

There are bees and block-of-the month quilts, swaps and challenges or competitions, and gifts and other projects to make! And it all is very fun as long as the house of cards doesn’t tumble down in a glorious kaboom.

Today, I put the final touches to this printable pdf (non-editable), customised to the needs of active quilters, and you can download it – for your personal use – at the end of this post. If you want to tip your friends about it, do direct them to my blog, rather than distribute the pdf itself.

So how do you use it? The idea is to check the box at a particular date, and describe the project by name in the “Project” field. For example, if your swap mosaic is due to be posted on 1 October, tick that box on that date, and use the project name in the corresponding column. 1 October is a milestone, but if you finish the task before, it might come in handy to write the earlier (or later, god forbid… :P) date in the “Done” column.

“Directions” in Bee Quilts means the stuff you need to send your bee friends, when it is your turn to be Queen Bee. Are there other confusing things about the columns? Please ask!

I tend to think that I can recall stuff later, but sometimes when there are many balls to juggle simultaneously, it’s easier not to rely on memory at all, but keep consulting an outside resource. And my printable might be just that.

Testing, testing… The pdf has been viewed in both Adobe Acrobat Reader and Preview on Mac, and printed (A4 paper). Everything works beautifully at my end, and if the fonts give you grief, please install League Gothic and Sacramento.

Printing of pdfs made in Scribus, an open-source software, means you may have to adjust the percentage manually to 100%. I’ve heard of other software allowing the designer to set this number to 100%, but it isn’t an option I have. If your paper size is different from the international standard A4, please test with one page before printing all of them, as you may have to adjust the output a bit.

Feel free to add suggestions to the 2016 printable, which will be available for purchase (nothing overly expensive, but just to keep some of my blogging expenses covered) later this year!

Nina With Freckles - Download button 2015-09-16

The printable pdf is © Nina Martin and intended for personal use only. Please do not distribute the pdf itself, but direct your friends to my blog. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

2 thoughts on “Get Organised 2015! – A free printable to organise your sewing

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Hi and thanks for stopping by! Well, if you do other crafts too, I’ve been thinking of adding something for knitters to next year. I’m not very well-versed in that yet, so what their needs would be is still a question unanswered :)


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