My monthly challenge posts

Nina With Freckles - Challenge musings 2015-07-24

I’ve been thinking. (Oh no, no need to expect greatness just yet, but merely some general musing.) Lately, I haven’t felt like posting the monthly lists of projects to finish or bring forward somehow, and today I realised it’s because in the world of quilting, a month isn’t a very long time at all. At least it isn’t for me, who likes to jump between projects and who sometimes finds something new to work on.

The purpose is never to make myself feel bad, if I can’t “live up to expectations”, but somehow I’ve managed to do just that anyway, when posting no challenge at all. Or perhaps I haven’t posted because I haven’t wanted to feel bad? Who knows, it’s like what came first, the egg or the hen, and in the end what matters is a solution.

It’s incredibly rewarding to announce projects finished, or moved forward as planned/hoped, so I definitely don’t want to drop that part of blogging, but maybe it’s time to move to quarterly posts instead?

A quarter will have its own rhythm, of course, but since I don’t know what next year will bring in terms of bee blocks, and I’ve signed up for two mini-quilt swaps by now (the second one not blogged about yet and with a deadline next year), these forced, real deadlines (as opposed to the ones I call synthetic) might be fewer than in 2015. Who knows? The idea of swapping mini quilts and other small finished projects seems rather appealing to me right now, in particular since I’ve been sorting the gallery pages again, added internal links for easier perusing of the blog, and have seen that quite a bit of time has been spent on non-finished projects, be they for me or someone else. But I’d love to have a longer list of actual, huge, real, finished projects to show.

In the process of updating the blog pages, I also cleaned them up a bit, including removed a couple, which didn’t make any sense to me to maintain anymore. Sometimes when “improving” stuff I have a tendency to make them more complicated than necessary… *blushes faintly*

Instead of barging ahead spontaneously, this time I’ll take a good ponder before writing a challenge post for the last quarter of the year. I’ll have enough time to observe myself for a few weeks, then compose a to-do list that is as realistic as possible.

How about it? You and quarterly project challenges, I mean. Are you in? Or do you prefer none at all? Monthly challenges?


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