Not organising per se…

Nina With Freckles - Work in progress box 2015-07-15

Not organising per se… But organising all the same. My WIP box, a holy mess. What’s a WIP box? A work-in-progress box of course! One mustn’t assume that all readers are seasoned yet :) Anyway, this WIP box is messy in both the unorganised and overflowing way, and this has to stop.

If you’ve followed me for a while already, you know that I have a special talent for starting projects only to drop them halfway through. As it happens, I’m quite sick of this, because at some point one must finish what one starts, or simply donate the stuff to someone else, who manages to take that final step.

Yesterday I began to rummage through both my project boxes and fabric boxes, since I’m in need of a block organiser. I was contemplating both patterned fabrics and solid white, but might go with the latter. You’ll see soon enough what this block organiser will do, and most likely will want one for yourself, should you like block-of-the-month quilts (BOMs), but back to my boxes.

The finished projects arising from my summer-cleaning spree were a panel curtain for the living room, and a final seam, sewn by hand, of a pin cushion. I believe I’ve mentioned this pin cushion a few times before in my monthly projects…

I also finished another block of a tweaked version of Camille Roskelley’s Sweet Life quilt from the Simply Retro book. Now I have two more blocks to finish (the block centres are already done) before I can do the sashing and finish the quilt top. The quilt project was introduced in December – 2013 – so perhaps it’s time to wrap the thing up? Back then I did the first block, pieced the centres of the three other ones, yet stopped. Why? Well, cutting the remaining background pieces became too boring, so I allowed myself to start piecing the first block, finish it, but leave it at that with the remaining three blocks.

This lack of finishing certain steps, but moving on to sort of greener pastures elsewhere, be it within the same project or to a completely new, different project, is key to messing up flow, the organised project progress. If I don’t finish an entire project, then at least I have to finish a step of said project before moving on.

Please tell me you know what I’m talking about here!? How do you deal with the pull of novelty over the been-there-done-thats?


2 thoughts on “Not organising per se…

  1. Lisa in Port Hope

    Yes! I start new projects all the time, then leave them for something else. Sometimes it’s boredom–as much as piecing is relaxing, after a couple of hours it becomes tedious. Sometimes (mostly) it’s because I commit to a swap or blog hop with a deadline that I need to meet.

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Hi Lisa, I think my problem is that I haven’t worked in parallel on the projects, but I’ve simply ignored them completely. I will always read several books at the same time, sew several projects at the same time, and so on, but it’s the forgetting them entirely that is problematic :)


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