SewMyStash2015 – Mini quilt swap

Project Leasa - SewMyStash2015 Mini quilt swap 2015-07-14Yesterday I signed up for the SewMyStash2015 mini quilt swap hosted by Leasa of Project Leasa. Deadline for shipping the mini is 3 October, so there’s plenty of time still. There will be 350 participants and sign-up is open still, so hurry up if you want to participate.

This particular swap appeals a great deal to me, because as the hashtag SewMyStash suggests, one’s existing stash will be used, despite tips being given by the secret recipient in a first inspiration mosaic. Also, there are three skill levels, and I boldly put myself in the intermediate category. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but on the other hand, calling myself a beginner seems to defeat the purpose of challenging myself technique-wise.

Another selling point was the minimal extra stuff to send. I just can’t get excited about all the trinkets and doodads that so many seem to enjoy, but if useful objects such as a pin cushion, which I actually need, or a little pouch or key fob are sent, then it’s an entirely different situation. Oh, and scraps scraps scraps! Who doesn’t love scraps? I’d rather receive a stack of those than any object, to be honest.

I just hope my recipient isn’t too caught up on specific designers, because I haven’t built a stash based on those, but mainly on colours, and patterns. Anyway, do sign up! There’s such a buzz on Instagram already and I can’t wait to make my mosaic!

EDIT: Seems like Leasa closed the swap sign-up form yesterday evening in her time zone. Hope you made the cut!


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