Fibonacci – A Simplicity spin-off pattern

Fibonacci - Rainbow

My oh my, I have a boiling brain currently, and not from doing sewing-related things, but because my computer decided to waltz to greener pastures. I’ve spent two days sorting things, updating, calling support because the backup I had wouldn’t work straight away (naturally), and so on. Technology and I are BFFs as long as said tech works nicely, is on my side at all times, without making too much fuss of itself, but I believe my new setup is now working as it should as per a moment ago. This, however, means that there is no block yet to show nor a tutorial written. June has been a busy, too busy, a month for me, and my blogging has been just in time rather than scheduled well in advance the way I prefer it. I will have something for you tomorrow, though, because I *need* to sit at the sewing machine again. Oh, and what’s that thingy up on top, you ask? Well, it’s Fibonacci. Who? Fibonacci, you know the math guy. If you look closely, you’ll see the series in the stripes: 1, 1+1, 1+2, 2+3, and 3+5. It’s magical really, so wonderful that this block deserves its own quilt. Will it be a lap-sized quilt pattern only, you ask? Nope. While laps are nice things to keep warm, apart from a 52” x 52” size I’ll also do the math for you for a baby-sized (stroller or such) or wall-hanging quilt of about 32” x 32”:

Fibonacci - Sombre 31.5x31

This darker colourway I’m calling Sombre and it came about because not everyone wants girly, cutesy stuff :) But there’s Rainbow to pick also, should one’s heart flutter for all teh colours. You will see the whole shebang here tomorrow. Apologies once again! In the meantime, do tell whether you like this one or not!?

UPDATE: Here’s part 2 with the pattern. Enjoy!


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