Saturday evening ramblings

Hello everyone, I was supposed to post some helpful stuff about WordPress today. I will post it another time, but then I got this urge to write about foundation paper piecing (FPP), to which I have an introduction cooking. In fact, have had boiling for quite some time already.

There’s a pattern coming out, soon, and it will be free. I will walk you through a process that many seem to shy away from still. This may sound completely insane, coming from someone, who has actually only ever finished one FPP project, but I’m unusual in my learning process. First I like to learn the academic way about what it is that I’m trying to learn, and only then do I jump in, properly, in a glorious fashion.

So while I have only a bit of practical experience, I still know what I’m talking about. Because I also do my research. I have lost count of how many blog posts I’ve already skimmed through, written by others on the same subject, and then I haven’t even talked about a couple of great Craftsy classes yet.

Why write yet another article then? Because nobody has explained it my way. I also love to write The Ultimate Whatever kind of posts, when I finally get around blogging about something. It should be worth my time as a learner and teacher, but certainly also worth yours for being a loyal reader in a place, the blogosphere, which people seem to be leaving en masse. (I don’t get it. Nothing can replace blogs.)

Lately I’ve also been thinking about my voice as a blogger. There’s a constant balance to keep between not sharing enough, and sharing too much. There’s a reputation to maintain and care about. There’s also the part where I have to decide whether to bring in humour or not. I can be extremely sarcastic if need be, but usually it isn’t bringing out the nice parts in me, and so I choose to ignore the urge that surfaces from time to time. My humour is slightly dorky, in the scientific/medical kind of way, which isn’t always well received, and so it may be easier not to unleash it at all. It is there, though :)

From my reader stats I can tell that I’m still a tiny fish in the pond, but numbers are constant unless they show sudden surges like on Monday/Tuesday after posting the newest block of the Simplicity sampler quilt. Maybe you are making it but choose not to share your progress? That’s totally fine. I’m posting the blocks for selfish reasons; to push myself, to learn new things about my craft and myself, to send good karma out into the world. Selfish, I told you.

I made my first video tutorial some days ago. It is a short video how to make one’s own natural cleaning solution to use in a spray bottle and I made it for my family only. Craftsy classes have made me see how joyous teaching a craft can be and my family members seem like the perfect lab rats to practice video tutorials on. I loved it! The only annoying part was where I had to hold the iPhone in one hand and focus on the verbal message whilst mixing things with the other hand.

Apart from some minor hickups, I truly enjoyed it and wasn’t nervous at all, despite getting a case of bad nerves when having to perform in public. There was no script either, but I winged it from start to finish, and after having listened to myself a few times, I think teaching “strangers” could be rather fun. In that sense, I’m a typical INFJ; talk endlessly about something meaningful, but go cold after a minute of forced chit chat. Can’t stand the latter, ugh. So maybe you’ll see me post a video here sometime, because to me it isn’t ever about boosting myself (apart from the occasional tiny ego trip of course, like everyone experiences), but I simply love sharing what I have learned.

Anyway, this is a completely pictureless post and, yeah, I like words, too. Speaking of words, reading, writing, being creative and so on, I warmly recommend Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit.” Have you read it yet? Now it’s nearly bedtime for me, but I wish you a lovely weekend wherever you are in the world!

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