Quilt Design A Day – Days 36-56

Ahem, this is slightly embarrassing, but I have been incredibly busy lately, which has led me to neglect QDAD horribly for a few weeks. This week, however, I’ve played major catch up, and today I’m finally at normal speed again.

Honestly I was contemplating skipping some days, but then decided against it. You should never look a gift horse in the mouth, as my wise dad tells me, and inspiration may or may not come where you least expect it. Turns out I have made a few designs that I genuinely feel fond of, to an extent that I might turn them into patterns later.

Also, it’s my week as per today to post a daily spark for the group, and so I’ve fiddled a bit with that as well, whilst getting back in the groove of looking at colours and shapes. There might even be a fabric palette in my near future, yay! Here are my designs from days 36-42:

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 36-42

I wish you could see the original sparks, too, because the designs make so much more sense then. Or maybe it’s better that you can’t see them? It is my interpretation after all, and it is as correct an impression as any other subjective experience. Moving on to days 43-49:

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 43-49

It’s funny how I’m beginning to feel warmly about some, neutrally about a large portion, and negatively about a small minority. One of the latter is the top left one above, because I just threw it together. Maybe it was design fatigue or something, but I just didn’t click with the shapes at all.

And then again other photos have had me stunned until I start improvising something, allowing myself to delete if it looks too bad (which usually loosens up my mind quite effectively). An example of such an unexpectedly growing fondness is the top right with the triangles on green background. I think I need to re-visit that one later. Finally, days 50-56:

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 50-56

Here we have several designs that I really like. Today’s spark had me create one on this last collage, and the origins looked like this, a collage photo I put together of Helsinki Central railway station, designed by Eliel Saarinen about 100 years ago, as well as a photo of a then construction site outside of Tennispalatsi, the “Tennis palace”. Why it is called a palace I have no answer to, but back in the day people used to play tennis there, until it needed to generate more money money money, and so it was made into a centre of film theatres. Its facade was in need of renovation a while ago, which is when someone took the opportunity to spray paint quite nicely one of the railway-station men. My first QDAD spark:

QDAD 2015-06-21 Spark - Helsinki Central railway station

Six more days of sparkle! Enjoy the new week, when it begins where you are!


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