WordPress tutorial series – Part 2 Naming blog photos

Nina With Freckles - WordPress tutorial series 2 2015-06-20

We have arrived at the second part of my WordPress tutorial series and today on the menu is SEO out of the blog-photo perspective.

SEO means search engine optimisation and WordPress uses several places to enhance your chances to be found by the search engines. This only works if you do your part of the deal, though, and a logical place to start is the title of your blog post. Make it as specific as possible.

Use categories well. In other words, name them specifically, and remember to use them correctly.

Use tags well. Not only does this affect SEO, but you can also be found when WordPress users do specific searches.

Scatter keywords throughout your blog post, too. Use the same words as you have used in the title, category, and tags.

And finally, name your photos specifically. This part is what people seem to know the least about. Not only will it help you find your photos on your computer later, should something happen to your blog, or you want to resize something, etc., but it will help rank your blog higher in Google and similar searches, thanks to SEO.

An example is the graphic I’ve added to the top of this post. It is “Nina With Freckles – WordPress tutorial series 2 2015-06-20”, the date of which is the publication date, and for my own use only. In the past, I’ve used NWF, but have decided to type the whole thing now. When I post project photos, I always make them as specific as possible, too.

See, perhaps you didn’t realise, but I walked you through SEO in a quick 101 fashion without even telling you first. Why? SEO seems to freak out people quite often. Admittedly, I’m a complete beginner at it still, but I see its value when people have found me through various search engines, and hopefully you picked up a tip or two to help you in your own WordPress blogging.

Questions? Comments? Happy Saturday!

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