Organising ironing paraphernalia

Nina With Freckles - Ironing paraphernalia in one-hour basket 2015-06-03

A while ago I made a 1-hour basket and now is the time to show how I put it in use. Back then I mentioned that the intention was to corral all the ironing and pressing paraphernalia, since my sewing studio is the kitchen table, and it is annoying if stuff is floating all around the place. Wouldn’t you say that this lovely basket is much easier to handle compared to all items separately? Yeah, I think so too…

Notice that I’ve emptied and left to dry the water compartment of the iron. Supposedly it isn’t good for the tank to stay full at all times. Also notice that the cord of the iron isn’t only rolled up, but kept in such a state with the help of a cable tie of velcro. Oh my, how this little trick makes handling the iron easier!

At first, the pressing cloth was sailing aimlessly elsewhere, until I had the presence to shove it into this basket, but the water cup of the iron and the starch bottle (make your homemade spray starch with this recipe!) have been a permanent residents from day one.

Do you have your ironing paraphernalia nicely corralled somehow? Have you made a 1-hour basket yet?

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