Quilt Design A Day – Days 29-35

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 29-35

I cannot believe a whole week has flown away again. And in a very short time we are in June. June! I’m sitting here, typing and shaking my head at the same time.

This was a rollercoaster kind of a design week, too, because I felt the funk, and then was high as a kite. Oh well, at least there’s stuff happening all the time as opposed to me sitting quietly and staring into space, doing nothing of value.

And speaking of June, there have been two deadlines today, the MQG individual members’ mug-rug swap, which has been quickly posted about by yours truly on Instagram and Flickr (but I don’t have time to show my creation here now), and ALYOF. The latter has been a fail, but I’ve spent my time wisely and chose to down-prioritise the journal project yesterday. Not enough hours in the day.

Because Simplicity. Yeah, you know. My quilt-along! *huge smile* It’s launching tomorrow, and I still have to put some final touches to some stuff, so cheerio for now, gotz moar work to do before bedtime!


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