Scandibee May blocks

Nina With Freckles - Scandibee May blocks 2015-05-30

Yet another month has flown by and it is time to share what was mailed yesterday to Scandibee Queen Bee, this time Synnøve in Norway. She picked for her two 12.5-inch blocks the traditional, pretty Scrap Jar Star, which is a free block tutorial by Amber of A Little Bit Biased.

In March, I wrote about more problems with the quarter-inch seam allowance. Did they get resolved? Of course not. In fact I’m even more miserable now, because it dawned to me that the needle of my sewing machine cannot be moved to the right, only to the left. In other words, I can’t use the line of the quarter-inch presser foot, but compensate for the scant quarter inch by moving the needle a tad to the right. The result now is that the right part of the feed dogs keep dragging unevenly the fabric, which has to flow along their middle rather than outside edge. I simply can’t believe bad design like this! I looked up Bernina prices and wanted to cry.

Anyway, this block is a lovely sea of quarter-inch seams, and (through no fault of Queen Bee) the experience was nerve-wracking once again. I lost count of how many times I had to use the seam ripper to ensure sewing a 12.5-inch block rather than a 12.17953-inch one.

Another interesting thing is the needle itself. Up until recently I’ve used Schmetz, but ran out on them, and had to grab one from Singer. Oh my the difference (not good)! I also have a collection of miscellaneous threads to use up, and can tell from how much they produce lint that they certainly are made differently, too. Can’t wait until I have used all my white 50-weight thread, so I finally get to buy a delicious cone of Aurifil!

Now I’m wondering why all these sidetracks get baked into my bee blog posts, and I think it is because I pay extra attention to all the components of sewing when making my blocks for someone else. The bee ladies are such great sewists and know what to look for as far as craftmanship goes :) I feel like I’m really stretching myself each month this year!

What remains to be said about the May block is that I hope it arrives safely in Norway and Queen Bee approves of it. On Instagram she already exclaimed appreciation, but you never know when they get to scrutinise the stuff in person ;)

Have you participated in bees and swaps? Do you sew “differently” when creating for others, perhaps more accomplished than you?


2 thoughts on “Scandibee May blocks

  1. Lisa in Port Hope

    Oh absolutely i try to do my best work for my bee mates. I use my favourite fabrics and am meticulous with seam allowance. In your case, i would make oversized 4 patches of the centre squares and then trim. I use a husqvarna platinum 755 which does allow the needle to move both ways. There was a good post last year on the stash bee website about picking bee blocks to minimize risk of poor quality or undersized blocks.

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Welcome to my blog, Lisa, and thanks for stopping by! The idea of a four-path work-around is great actually, and I wish I had thought of it before making these blocks. I just feel so utterly frustrated sometimes, when what I thought had been a good investment, turned out to be rather bad as well as not fill my needs at all. And while I know I make mistakes, too, it is extra hard on my pride to send something I’m not completely satisfied with. I’ll make sure to read the post you mentioned, it might be good in the future, so thanks for the tip!


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