Quilt Design A Day – Days 22-28

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 22-28

While I post my QDAD designs on Instagram quite frequently, if not daily, I have other things I’d rather post here on the blog that often, but in case you aren’t on IG and/or don’t keep up with me there that often, I thought it would be nice to show a weekly recap at least. The schedule I’ve decided on is my calendar week, Monday to Sunday, with the design appearing here after I’ve finished Sunday’s design.

Now I’m finally caught up with both seven designs on one collage, the amount of days being seven, and those seven days corresponding to the calendar week. What originally threw me off were the two designs made on 30 April, after which a lovely domino effect commenced, until I figured out where the minor glitch had happened. I’m funny like that…

On the other hand, I’m a huge proponent of routines where possible, to avoid over-thinking things or general confusion, undecidedness, and so on, which means I truly welcome this weekly system of posting in a regular manner. Regardless, I wish you a lovely new week, the last one of the month of May!


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