Quilt Design A Day – Days 14-21

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 14-21

Time flies. The design in the middle of the top row was a true struggle, as I felt completely uninspired that day. There was nothing wrong with the QDAD spark, but I just didn’t get any ideas I wanted to keep working on.

Also, during this batch of designs, I timed myself and was around 12-15 minutes on several of them. It seems like I’m in danger of waltzing swiftly into the realm of perfectionism and so I truly want to limit myself to no more than 20 minutes on most days, with 30 minutes being a rare occurrence.

Not every member of the group seems to focus on time spent on these designs, and that is completely fine, but on my own behalf they need to be quick drafts from which I pick only a select few for further working on. While I’d love to doodle lots and lots every day, there are so many other things I need to keep moving forward currently that they fortunately – and unfortunately – trump these QDAD projects.

Happy Saturday!


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