Quilt Design A Day – Days 8-13

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 9-14

Wrapping up the second week of Quilt Design A Day. It really has challenged me already and even more than before do I see quilt patterns everywhere. In particular when walking downtown, I feel it rather acutely and as a matter of fact was wishing I could turn it off for a while. Then it is good to let the eyes rest a tad more amidst nature, where the colour scheme isn’t very unpredictable nor dramatically varying.

While the visual input has been surprisingly overwhelming, I’ve also found unexpected peace in creating original digital content. As I’ve written before, I’ve struggled a bit with finding a balance between thinking of creating and the actual doing, because it’s impossible for me to create like a conveyor belt. Apparently this doesn’t apply to digital doodling, though, but it feels like a relief to let out all the ideas I didn’t even know existed. (Does an idea exist before you have breathed life into it?)

And since all the doodles (I hesitate to call them “designs”, since I have no formal education in this) only take up space in the shape of bytes, there is less responsibility of them. Does this make any sense? Because if I make Stuff, I have to deal with it somehow, make decisions, maintain if I don’t give the Stuff away, be overwhelmed by the space it takes up and the dust it collects. Ugh :) This new-found QDAD interest certainly appeals to the side that craves simplicity, clean lines, space to breathe.

The process of barfing out a huge number of ideas has also showed me that I definitely don’t want to make all my designs, but that most are fine left at the sketch stage. There is one designs, however, that I’m slowly turning into a wall-hanging quilt, and it is Skeins, the one in the top right corner. It’s making me really excited already to see how it will turn out!

Have you jumped on-board the Quilt Design A Day wagon yet?


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