Simplicity – A summer quilt-along

NM Patterns - Simplicity blog button 2015-05-18

Finally! I’ve been working on a quilt sampler design for some time now to have my first quilt-along this summer and am ready to announce it to the world.

I’m calling this quilt Simplicity and, like the name suggests, it will consist of visually modern, quite calm and simple blocks. Construction-wise they aren’t all going to be super quick to make, but the plan has a rhythm to prevent two slightly more time-consuming blocks to appear right after one another.

Oops, yes, because I will launch one new block a week, each Monday starting on 1 June! There will be twelve blocks altogether, with the final, thirteenth week of the summer months being a week of wrapping up and sewing the quilt top.

The size of the final quilt can vary, as I will write the pattern such that you can choose wider or thinner sashing and borders. There will also be an option to pick only four blocks of your preference for a wall-hanging quilt, or a slightly larger baby quilt.

The design is scrap friendly in the sense that you can mix and match whatever your heart desires, be the fabrics patterned or solids. If you wish to stick to the colour scheme I have chosen, you can prepare to walk through the whole rainbow, but everything is up to you of course.

The picture above, by the way, doubles as a blog button, so if you want to throw it up on your own blog, feel free to do so. Please use the URL for the Simplicity page, when doing so.

Please join me in making Simplicity, it will be a fun chance to connect with new – or old for that matter! – sewists and quilters, and if you never made a quilt before, this is the perfect chance to learn some basics. Feel free to ask questions, if you happen to have some, too. Two weeks until the first block is launched under NM Patterns! (Why NM? Because I’m Nina Martin :) )


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