Scandibee April blocks

NWF Scandibee April blocks 2015-05-06

Scandibee Queen Bee of April, Sigrun, asked for two polaroid blocks, using the tutorial posted by Capitola Quilter, with minor modifications to the size of the white “photograph” frame.

The block design is fun and supposedly quite easy to figure out mathematically, but for some reason everything happened at once and I haven’t felt as ridiculously bad at sewing as when making these two blocks. The list of mishaps is too long for me to bother listing it, but suffice to say, I’m not too fond of fabric that stretches. Because that is one thing I cannot make myself take the blame for.

Also, I had originally planned on using a greyish pink fabric as background for the pink polaroids, but it coloured my white pressing board (handdyed by someone), so I decided against it at once and went for the dark green instead. Then I let Sigrun decide between three options – light green, the same dark green, or a clear blue – for the other block, and she picked the light green you see above.

Finally, I do believe I need to invest in another iron. Maybe I’ve mentioned it here before, but it is beginning to annoy me a great deal how stuff never looks just right after I’ve pressed stuff… I keep drooling over the neat finish in Camille Roskelley’s Craftsy classes, but another thing in her case is that she only uses fabric from the same manufacturer, which translates to there being no variations in how they behave when handled during the different stages of the process.

All in all, what I found challenging when making these blocks, has nothing to do with the design, and everything to do with me. I think there are so many areas that I need to improve in still, and sometimes a reminder completely in my face can feel quite frustrating. Despite hickups, however, the two nature-themed blocks are now on their way to Norway, where Sigrun can create a stunning polaroid quilt thanks to some wonderful contributions sent from all over Europe. Be sure to check our Flickr pool from time to time (button in side column)!


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