Quilt Design A Day and why I joined

NM Patterns - Quilt Design A Day - Days 1-8

On Facebook, there is an open group called Quilt Design A Day, and I joined in April. I’m dreaming of creating my own patterns and also that others would want to use them, but leaving stuff at the dream stage doesn’t make any sense really, at least if it is something important to oneself. And I seem to have this need to make quilt designs, it is quite insisting actually.

Ever since my first QDAD design over a week ago, I’ve spent many spare moments drafting ideas and finalising designs, and they just keep coming in a never-ending stream. In fact, my hand and wrist region is beginning to feel of it to an extent that I’ve started researching the best stylus for my needs, to avoid causing damage.

So how does QDAD work? A member picks a week to post so-called sparks, which are a photograph with colour palette developed from it, and each day the others post designs made based on that spark. In theory, one is supposed to use 15-30 minutes a day on any given design, but my time spent on them has been longer due to quite steep a learning curve on the iDraw app. Also, my design process is slower due to not having a stylus, but this is a minor grievance.

Another reason for my joining, apart from the creativity flood, is that I want to challenge myself to create unexpected shapes and patterns whilst using colour palettes that I would normally never go for, possibly steer clear of altogether. I don’t think the creative process should feel comfortable at all times.

Once I get more comfortable using the app, I’ll be mindful of restricting the time to 15 minutes, because there is a certain level of freedom in accepting that a quarter of an hour can take you only so far, after which you need to let go of the design and set it free.

Come join us! And if not, I post daily on Facebook and Instagram my designs. Otherwise you can stick around for these wrap-up blog posts as well :)


2 thoughts on “Quilt Design A Day and why I joined

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Hiya, already communicated with you through other channels, but thanks again for stopping by! I have to organise my everyday life a bit more efficiently so I can read blogs by others more frequently again.


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