April 2015 Projects – How did I do?

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This month, I wanted to finish the following projects:

  • Scandibee April blocks – Deadline 30.4. > Done.
  • Case for embroidery scissors – Deadline 30.4. > Postponed.
  • Basket for embroidery stuff – Deadline 30.4. > Postponed.
  • Journal cover – Just do it, deadline 30.4. > Postponed.
  • Pin cushion – Deadline 30.4. > Filling purchased, cushion stuffed. Need to sew shut.

These projects I wanted to make progress on in the following way:

  • MQG Riley Blake fabric challenge: Yoga mat bag – Decide on improv style. > Done, nothing overly fancy (with lots of seam allowances eating fabric), since the fabric cuts aren’t huge and I don’t intend to supply with more fabric at own expense.
  • Bag for cutting mat – Make one FPP block. > Postponed.
  • Secret project – Keep working on it. > Most certainly done! This one makes my heart sing.
  • MQG indie members’ mug-rug swap – Pick fabrics. > Done.

When buying the filling for pin cushions I also got a nice, long zipper, which will be used in a zabuton. I recalled a flowery silk fabric in light green that my sister brought from China for me some years ago, and it fits the mood I wish to convey perfectly. Feels good to get projects moving forward even in tiny increments like this one.

What I have done instead of all the postponed projects, with numerous of my leisure moments, however, is to take the plunge and start designing quilts for real. I joined the Quilt Design A Day group on Facebook a while ago and am on design day 10 as per today. It is so much fun and has caused me to be more focussed in how I view my craft, too, so if you have a burgeoning designer in you, join the group already!

And behind the scenes, I’ve been coordinating the Spring mug-rug swap for individual members of the Modern Quilt Guild. We are talking about around ten participants, which is only a fraction of the total number, but as a group it is challenging to stay in touch with people, since we aren’t organised into a formal guild. In other words, everything is on volunteer basis and up to the activity of individuals, and so far this swap is one of few “official” projects to take place amongst this group of quilters. So at the end of the day, I’m extremely pleased that as many as two handfuls of ladies have signed up.


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