New supplies, Enchanted April and a Whoa!

I can’t believe almost all of April is gone already (first Whoa!), and hopefully, the month has been treating you well. This means I also haven’t been very active here on the blog this month (second Whoa!), which is a bit sucky really since I enjoy babbling about various sorts of crafts-related thoughts. In fact, I reached 9 April when realising the monthly ALYOF registration had already closed, and all that was left to do was to shake my head at myself. Oh well :)

I do, however, have some news about supplies, which is nice. New-supplies news are always nice, right? In this case, I’m talking about a looong zipper for a zabuton, and a bag of pillow stuffing. The latter will be used in one – or a few… (there’s lots of it, third Whoa!) – pin cushion, which translates to my possibly finishing a project this month. Luckily, I’ve already decided to make more pin cushions, but there is a car pillow in my future as well.

Enchanted AprilAnd what about Enchanted April? Well, it is a film. A few years ago I decided to watch it in April, and ever since I’ve put the dvd on each April. The shocking thing this year is that it was fresh in my memory still, in sort of a visceral way, yet a year has passed. Life is strange. In 2014, I wrote about my ponderings on my other blog and you can read them in Swedish here. Actually, there is a second shocking thing to mention, and if you’re familiar with this film, you might be stirred as well. It was made in 1991, which I cannot wrap my head around, as my life seems to stand still each time the wisterias are in bloom at San Salvatore. Have you seen this film? Are you as enchanted with it as I am? If you have yet to watch it, please know that it is a most quiet yet oddly refreshing film without any sort of Hollywood, but heaps of Europe in it.


2 thoughts on “New supplies, Enchanted April and a Whoa!

  1. Kristy Daum

    I always love movie recommendations, so I’ll have to check this one out…especially because I like movies with “heaps of Europe” in them. Good Luck with your projects!!


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