March 2015 Projects – How did I do?

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It feels great to be back at using these overview posts! This month, I wanted to finish the following projects:

  • Scandibee February blocks – Deadline ASAP > Done 18.3. Blogged.
  • Scandibee March blocks – Deadline 31.3. > Done 31.3. Blogged.
  • Blog about Scandibee January blocks – Deadline 31.3. > Done 20.3. Blogged.
  • Pencil case for dad – Deadline 31.3. > Postponed because of other small projects. Oops…
  • Pencil case for sister – Deadline 31.3. > Postponed because of other small projects. Oops…

I also finished these:

These projects I wanted to make progress on in the following way:

  • MQG Riley Blake fabric challenge: Yoga mat bag – Start drafting how to best use the fabrics > Have decided to do some kind of improv panel on top of a buckety kind of base. Will consult Lucie Summer’s “Quilt Improv” book (see below).
  • Tokyo Subway Map Quilt embroidery – Correct the support line locations and finalise colours on pattern > Postponed, want to make storage gear for the embroidery stuff first.
  • Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch – Buy zippers of right length and kind (to make four pouches) > Will make only one, and it has been postponed to make way for more important projects.

NWF Lucie Summers - Quilt Improv 2015-04-03

These new projects were also made progress on, in that I:

It’s wonderful to regain energy, is all I can say. And it doesn’t hurt to have functioning tools, either, of course.


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