Secret project

NWF Rainbow project 2015-03-27

I know the definition of a secret project is to, um, keep it secret. But it doesn’t count if the evidence is the size of 300×300 pixels. Right?

Craftsy - Elizabeth Dackson - Start Foundation Paper PiecingFor the Craftsy class Start Foundation Paper Piecing with Elizabeth Dackson, I dug out my Caran D’Ache to plan out an improvised mini-quilt of sorts. I need a bag for my cutting mat for when I can’t keep it on the kitchen table, and since one should make sure to keep them as flat and/or straight as possible when not in use, a proper bag should do the trick. The blocks in this class are of different sizes and so I’ve shrunk three of them to fit the smallest one, which is an eight-inch square.

I will place them in a square grid on one side of the bag, with some sashing between blocks, but for the idea to work, colours have to be just right. And so the Caran D’Ache box from my childhood of pencils, a water-colour palette, and crayons came out. Can you guess which my favourite colour used to be when growing up? I think it still is, if I had to pick just one colour out of them all :)

NWF Caran D'Ache 2015-03-27

It’s blue, recently expanded to all the cool colours. I can’t figure out why I’ve used the black pencil so much, because while it is another favourite today, I really didn’t think much of it in my youth. The yellow was used to draw suns, I think. Why? No idea.

As for drawing, I “suck at it, question mark”, but the point of my little supersecret preparation drawing was to get an idea of whether the chosen colour scheme would work or not, rather than create the next Picasso. It has worked nicely in my bag project, but the scribbles are all over the place and I might edit that part out of the reading-the-blog experience when I post about its making.

It’s ridiculous really, but I got the vibe from all my art teachers until the last one during the last three years of school that I simply cannot draw. I imagine it’s a bit like when one hears that one cannot sing or produce other forms of music, both of which do come naturally to me, and still, at 30+, I feel extremely self-conscious about drawing. Sorry to say so, but at my age (insinuates that I have a whole bunch of life wisdom *snicker*) I feel a teacher has completely failed a student, if the latter thinks (s)he just can’t grasp a particular subject, but I sense a minor rant developing, so moving on to my art classes.

If my memory serves me still, I took two of them in upper-secondary school (sort of equivalent to the American high school), and in one of them we had to draw in black and white after some leaf or branch or such. It’s the first time I’ve nailed anything and I still recall the feedback, which left me glowing for days. I was told I could draw, how about that!

But then, things slipped back into She Who Cannot Draw, and here we are. I’m figuring I have to push myself with force out of my comfort zone on this one, hence the sneak peek above of a quick, untamed mockup. It’s interesting as I’m beginning to notice a pattern here (post archived in Musings category for this reason…), and it has to do with the sense of insecurity.

If I’m really insecure about something, it’s easier not to do anything at all to improve the situation. Because fear of failure, of course. Eyeroll. Whereas if I feel I have at least some kind of idea of what I’m doing, like most of my projects presented on this blog, the threshold to jump into something new is much smaller. Maybe 2015 is the year when that all-or-nothing attitude finally has to go? Have to ponder. Do you ponder such things, too?

Anyway, projects, including the March blocks for Scandibee Queen Bee Ruth, are cooking in the background currently, so will post something more before the month is over. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Secret project

  1. Veronica ferguson

    Oh this is such a pet subject for me. Everyone can draw. Everyone. Not as well as Picasso, yes. But everyone can draw. When you were very young did you try hard to make your handwriting better/nicer? You practised and practised right? Wrote everyday? It’s the same with drawing. If you draw every day even for a month, you’ll see the improvement, trust me. Ok, stepping off the high horse now.

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Hi Veronica, welcome to my blog :) Indeed I practiced handwriting! There just seems to be a disconnect to drawing, which is really unfortunate. Somehow it’s ridiculous to feel insecure about drawing at my age, but I know of people, who feel similarly about singing after they heard “You cannot”.

      I’ve been thinking about zentangles lately, and have followed a few accounts on IG for inspiration. For some reason I’ve never taken doodling seriously, but when I see what people post under the zentangle hashtag, I realise I can do quite a few of those if I just relax without thinking further. It might be a good project to just do a bit every day like you said.

      Also, if anything benefits free-motion quilting, I’d be a happy camper… The latter really intimidates me still, but I intend to master the basics of it this year.


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