Pretty pin cushion in need of filling

NWF Pin cushion 2 2015-03-25

Ah, I finally made a pin cushion! Well, it’s almost done, because I still have to hunt down some good filling, but the patchwork and quilting is done. It is lovely, simply wonderful to finish sewing projects!

Craftsy - Camille Roskelley - Playful Piecing TechniquesThe pattern is by Camille Roskelley and it is the first project of the Playful Piecing Techniques Craftsy class. Ever since watching the first lesson last year, I’ve been meaning to make one of these nifty contraptions, but my research into fillings took me to a standstill. Apparently crushed walnut shells or similar would be one of the best materials, but after having searched some local pet-shop websites, I’m still standing in square zero. Next step is to stop by a pet store and then to check with one of the fabric shops.

Since I started the project the other evening, the lighting wasn’t very nice, which is why the progress photos appear only now, after you have seen the more vivid colours:

NWF Pin cushion 1 2015-03-25

The quilting that Camille does is quite simple, but I need to practice more than straight lines. Using my walking foot, I did indeed quilt straight, but the pivoting and loss of first guide line still throws me off a bit in my precision. I also embraced a quality this time that fits with “Done is better than perfect”, which quite frankly should be observed even more around here. Oh, and I started the whole thing by drawing an X with a hera marker, but probably drew it too lightly or didn’t have enough light in my working area, because I barely saw either line.

The choices of quilting threads were interesting. I have inherited a bunch of 50-weight cotton threads in all sorts of colours, and while one might seem suitable at first, once it’s been quilted in place it no longer looks as smashing. The green, dark navy, and violet were the only options, but the turquoise got a first line quilted in another thread. Colour-wise it was better, but its weight clearly around 30 or heavier even (I’m not very good at estimating thread weight yet), so I ripped it out again. My seam ripper is excellent, by the way, and it seems to have earned the red dot award a couple or so years ago, so I’m not reluctant to use it at all.

Anyway, since I managed to fit five lines in each quadrant of the back, and since three fit into the coloured areas, I added two more in the white areas of the top in an attempt at echoing the design. The quilting feels like I’m still practicing, so I’m okay with a slightly wonky result.

I did, however, rip out the last middle seam, or I know the half-millimetre shift in the centre would have annoyed me to no end forever and ever, so the second time I did pin the whole seam properly. Watching the Bernina used in several Craftsy classes makes me think it’s not just me, but currently a new machine is out of the question. At least I corrected what I could :)

How many pin cushions do you have? And what shape and size are they? I’m thinking my appliqué needles might want their own.


2 thoughts on “Pretty pin cushion in need of filling

  1. Kristy Daum

    I have had several pincushions over the past few years; but the one I use each and everyday was part of a Flickr swap package I received early on. It’s a hexagon shaped one filled with a heavy filling (walnut shells, etc). I have 2 others sitting on my shelf that I’ve received through swaps or as gifts; but I prefer they remain decorative.

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      The point about having enough weight is a good one, or else I imagine it will keep moving a bit perhaps. I do have some pebbles purchased for the purpose of placing them on top of the soil of a potted indoor plant, but never got around putting them there. The idea now is to use the pebbles in fabric/pattern weights, but some I might spare for this pin cushion, should I only locate light filling.


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