A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015

Sew BitterSweet Designs - A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015

It is time. Time to finish some Works In Progress. Or they will go to WIP heaven for all times to come. And I would be known as She Who Was The Eternal WIPer But Never Finisher. We can’t have that.

Without consulting my nifty project overview in my beloved Bullet Journal, I know that each month this year my Scandibee blocks will take up some time. Then I have some tools to be made, such as the journal cover, a pin cushion, a sewing-machine cover, and pattern weights.

I’m also in desperate need of a new wallet, since the current one has a closing mechanism, which has finally died on me – and has been in that state for almost a year now. Recently in a shop, I dropped it on the floor, and of course it did the buttered-sandwich move of finding its upside-down state rather than the more beneficial-to-me one, so finally I had had it and began researching patterns. Of course there isn’t a single one out there to fit all my needs…

My home would need some updates, too, and the list is growing, but so far the only project to be a true WIP is the journal cover. This tells me I should focus on maintaining three kinds of projects simultaneously, namely 1. the bee blocks, 2. the WIPs for A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015, and – in a very controlled manner – 3. the new, truly justifiable projects.

Having decided this, I finally see what has been a challenge before. Once I understand categories or groups or such, I seem to find a way to work quite productively within those restrictions, but as long as things are still a jumbled mess, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and hence end up getting nothing done. But perhaps if I pick three projects, one for each aforementioned category, I might get the snowball rolling?

Do you have some fool-proof method to stay in motion? It seems easier to add projects rather than remove them, if you know what I mean? Will you participate in this 2015 challenge? Join me, please! I know you have some WIPs lurking in some dark corner of your craft room…


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