Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap – What I got from Stina!

In my previous post, I showed you what I made for my swap partner Sigrun in the Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap, and now it’s time for Stina’s lovely mugrug to make an appearance.

NWF Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap - From Stina 2015-03-19

In my inspiration mosaic, I had picked different styles, colours, and both solids and patterned fabrics, to make the task as fun and easy as possible for my swap partner. The only thing I asked for was a mugrug suitable to use all around the year.

When Stina’s project arrived in the mail together with a fun little notebook and a pretty charm pack from the Eden collection, I just couldn’t believe how she had done all that work for me!

The scallops, the perfectly chosen fabrics, the neat echo quilting, the wonderfully pieced back, and finally the thoughtful “here & now…” handstitched in place made my heart go all warm and fuzzy. And then I haven’t even mentioned the binding, which looks like my kitchen curtains! I still haven’t figured out whether it was a lucky coincidence or Stina maybe had read about my sewing project here on the blog.

Now I keep switching between my everyday mugrugs and this prettier rug, because I don’t want to dirty it up more than necessary, but on the other hand, I always pay attention to Stina’s encouragement to stay in the present in real mindful style.

Before I stop writing for now, I still want to mention that Stina is a really accomplished quilter, so please go visit her on her Kviltstina website! Recently she was featured on the cover of a Swedish quilting magazine, Rikstäcket, with her beautiful quilt “Små och Stora Knappar” (Small and Large Buttons).


4 thoughts on “Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap – What I got from Stina!

  1. Stina

    Hi…finally here and thankyou for the quilty love…so sweet of you… Enjoy your mug rug… And FYI…it was a coincidence about the binding…a good one… HUGS…:0)


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