Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap – Happy Hexagon Trivet

Yes, indeed, we are already in March, but I never blogged about my mugrug that I made for the Scandibee Christmas swap, so here goes!

The inspiration mosaic made for her anonymous swap partner, yours truly, by Sigrun had lots of vintage elements going on.

NWF Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap - Inspiration mosaic 2015-03-19

The kitchen items stood out to an extent that I decided to build the theme around “Put A Lid On It” in the Nite colourway, from the Kitchen Collection by Michael Miller Fabrics. To my luck, I happened to have matching colours and patterns to bring out various details from the focal fabric.

I already had in mind Ayumi Mills’s “Happy Hexagon Trivet” pattern from “Patchwork, Please!” (written as Ayumi Takahashi) and it was so much fun to choose which part of the kitchen fabric would end up at the end of the tunnel of sorts.

Due to its hexagon shape, the size of the trivet was a bit large for a mugrug, so I scaled it down. If I recall correctly, the mugrug ended up being around six inches for two apothems.

My process collage shows some especially memorable moments, all a first of some kind.

NWF Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap - Process collage 2015-03-19

The pattern isn’t difficult at all, if you have a basic understanding of how to do foundation paper piecing, but progress is quite slow. And since I was making the mugrug for someone else, I wanted to pay attention to fabric placements, pressing well, and so on.

While I had enough knowledge to pick this pattern, it ended up being the first time I sewed in place the last fabric piece to an FPP project, when I got to rip out the foundation paper (oh my, the tiny size of some of the pieces!), and – believe it or not – when I did proper binding by hand, rather than use bias tape. Quilting neatly wasn’t easy either, in particular when arriving at a vertix to pivot around it, but I finished the project and Sigrun posted a photo of it as having arrived at her address.

NWF Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap - Finished mugrug collage 2015-03-19

In general, I think small projects like this Happy Hexagon Trivet might look simple at first, but if you throw in a range of new things to deal with, not only do they become time-consuming, but also unexpectedly large in one’s mind. Maybe this is partly due to my tendency not to want to wing things and risk failure or sub-par quality of sorts, but whatever it is, I feel I’ve stumbled upon the reason why the mere thought of constantly cranking out something crafty is overwhelming.

I tend to challenge myself thoroughly in my projects, even when it isn’t a conscious move, and one can’t learn new things all the time, but time is needed to process them to allow them to actually sink in. Do you know what I’m trying to say here? Feel the same? Or maybe have a less “serious” approach to your craft?

After some reflection is out of the way, I’ll wrap this project up with a pleased sigh and a conclusion I might use the pattern again one day. Can’t say that of all of them!

P.S. The collages were due to bad lighting conditions in December, but I like the condensed format so much that I think I’ll use the nutshell versions in future posts. Not that I mind longer blog posts, but the scrolling can get a bit tedious sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Scandibee Christmas mugrug swap – Happy Hexagon Trivet

  1. Sigrun

    It’s much used and it’s much admired by guests in the house! It is really lovely. I did a bit of FPP myself, so I know how much work it is, and totally appreciated it.


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