Taking things for granted

It’s been quite some time since my last post and these months have been challenging to say the least. I’m reminded once again not to take anything for granted, because when things are rolling on smoothly, it seems like something ordinary and slightly frustrating or annoying can claim ridiculously large proportions of one’s awareness. The feeling in such situations, however, is satisfaction with life on a general level, when we dig a bit deeper to wake ourselves up from a stressed-out fog of sorts.

In my case, I got some unfortunate news in early December, but already at that point, the darkness of winter was beginning to get to me badly, so combined with the news I received, I drifted into a mild depression. The weird thing in such a state of mind is that one can function fairly well, without being fully functional, if that makes any sense. I never had a major depression, so I can’t tell what one feels like then, but this mild version causes time to fly past your nose for days or weeks on end.

What woke me up on 31 January was looking at the calendar and realising I had yet to sew the blocks of that month for my Queen bee, Stina. I felt absolutely horrified whilst it sunk in how I had almost let someone down, without even noticing. Luckily, she was wonderfully understanding and so I managed to crank out her two blocks, before everything was “ruined”.

Personal balance and health-related things are close to my heart, which is why I’m turning my private life inside out on this blog. Depression is quite a controversial topic still, but I feel like there is no shame and so I should simply say it like it is. Maybe someone else will read and feel better today. Or if they suffer from it in the future, maybe they might seek help sooner if needed, because they know others have been, or are, in the same boat.

Now I hope I’ll ease back in a gentle way into regular blogging, without taking water over my head. Latest news from my craft room slash kitchen table is that the sewing machine is acting up very badly, but I keep crossing my fingers that she’ll get a grip and stop acting like a five-year old on a maxibag of candy. Stay tuned for more on that… (I’m pulling hairs at this point.)

Wish you a lovely Wednesday, and remember to go easy on yourself!


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