March 2015 Projects – Challenge

Flickr rheany 640

In March, I would love to get my projects moving in the following ways, as long as my sewing machine will cooperate.

I would like to finish the following projects:

  • Scandibee February blocks – Deadline ASAP
  • Scandibee March blocks – Deadline 31.3.
  • Blog about Scandibee January blocks – Deadline 31.3.
  • Pencil case for dad – Deadline 31.3.
  • Pencil case for sister – Deadline 31.3.

These projects I’d like to make progress on in the following way:

  • MQG Riley Blake fabric challenge: Yoga mat bag – Start drafting how to best use the fabrics
  • Tokyo Subway Map Quilt embroidery – Correct the support line locations and finalise colours on pattern
  • Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch – Buy zippers of right length and kind (to make four pouches)

It’s curious how lost one can feel like, when a normally functional tool all of a sudden doesn’t work. Next step probably is to start praying for a miracle of some kind; wish me luck.


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