12 Days of Design – Dear Diary… Days 3 and 4

12 Days of Design SpoonchallengeDear Diary, I’m still sort of ahead of schedule so I decided to post the stuff from both yesterday and today in this entry. Yesterday I was supposed to develop a colour palette, which I already knew before starting the challenge, and today has been about choosing a medium. By medium they mean the tool, be it paper, digital or something else. I suck at painting, drawing, and the like, so it’s computer all the way for me.

Yesterday I looked at the Spoonflower Color Guide, which they use as starting point for suggested colours to use in one’s designs when uploading to the website. Apparently the palette is such that what you see on screen will be printed quite similarly on the fabric.

My iMac, while a distinguished old lady at this point, does show colours slightly differently compared to how I see them on some newer screen, so today I’ve focussed on creating a cohesive palette which looks pleasing enough in the sense that the two lines work together as well as on their own, together internally as well as across lines in pairs (secondary and tertiary colours). And after having looked at this on two totally different screens, there are already visible differences, but on both there is enough but not too much “pop” for it to work.

In a couple of cases I would have liked to pick slightly different hues, but it’s more important to know that these choices would print well. So, without further talk, my two colour lines:

NWF 12 Days of Design - Colour palette 2014-12-04

Since this went well enough without any problems at all, I’m actually close to getting cold feet about the actual design. It’s so minimalist that I fear there won’t be any big bang, but perhaps this is my overthinking doing the talking again. The sneak peek for day 5 tells me sketching will commence tomorrow. Yikes.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Design – Dear Diary… Days 3 and 4

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Need to get back on the wagon again. I thought we’d learn about creating seamless patterns, but seems I was a bit wrong in that assumption. Will have to look more closely at the daily emails, but the spontaneous feeling I got was “That was it?”


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