November 2014 Projects – How did I do?

Flickr rcdesigner 640

Flickr rcdesigner

I wanted to finish the following projects and here’s how things went down:

  • Journal cover – Deadline 30.11. > Not done.
  • Pin cushion – Deadline 30.11. (provided I find the filling I have in mind) > Need to check what filling they have in the notions store first.
  • Placemats – Deadline 30.11. > Have cut backing and batting for all placemats, first one is partly quilted, but I need masking tape because the white quilting stands out so much and it needs to be straight. The fabric patterns make the seams jump in front of my eyes, so tape is needed.
  • Zabuton – Deadline 30.11. > Don’t have zippers long enough and haven’t had my way past the notions store yet.

These projects I wanted to make progress on in the following way:

  • breathe quilt – Cut top, back, and batting, baste, draw letters, start quilting > Not done.
  • Mug rug for Scandibee swap – Once inspiration mosaic is available, see whether pattern I have in mind is suitable, and pick fabrics, start working on it (since it is a secret project, there won’t be photos but until after the recipient has her hands on it) > Work is in progress!
  • Skill Builder 2013 quilt – Make the Sound Wave and Magnum blocks > Sound wave done.
  • Tea pot cover – Finish pattern > Done 2.11.
  • Zafu – Investigate filling options > Will buy a ready-made one which has a shape that I like.

What I have done is work on the blog and my other blog, too. It’s a boring job in some ways, but needs to get done before I create more content here. And when I try to make too big a fuss of scheduling the tasks, I tend to procrastinate forever. So when inspiration (well, flow) hits, I need to ride the wave for as long as it lasts. This is a good reminder to keep aiming for realistic expectations, though.


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