12 Days of Design – Dear Diary… Day 2

12 Days of Design Spoonchallenge Dear Diary, today’s assignment is to pick a theme. My theme is a repeating geometric shape, which I will design from scratch, and the sneak peek to day 3 reveals that the colour palette will be discussed tomorrow only. In other words, “pick a theme” merely refers to a general theme such as rainbow, sewing gear, or holiday trees.

It seems like I’m way ahead of schedule still, which is nice enough, because I have incredibly long daily to-do lists currently (although the Bullet Journal is rocking my socks off when it comes to staying organised). But I fear it will become increasingly demanding since there are only ten days left of the challenge. Surely designing something from scratch with the requirement to create a perfectly repeating pattern is difficult? On the other hand, the challenge for newbies lasts twelve days only, so perhaps it isn’t so tricky after all?

I think I don’t like not knowing a general schedule beforehand, but I also think I shouldn’t worry too much over nothing. Stop thinking, dear.


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