12 Days of Design – Dear Diary… Day 1

12 Days of Design SpoonchallengeDear Diary, today is day 1 of the 12 Days of Design challenge by Spoonflower and I have received my first email. Today’s task is to gather inspiration, but I have already done that, as you know. Instead, I have picked a few of all my inspiration pictures from various places online and made a collage.

I feel very inspired and have no idea of why the Spoonflower people suggest there might be a lack of inspiration. It is my first challenge to design a fabric pattern after all and if I wouldn’t feel inspired now, would I ever?

Anyway, since I don’t have any fancy software to use, I think it is best if I go with something easily created that is completely repetitive and where the colours can truly shine. I’m still set on the original tone-on-tone idea and might create a whole colour palette if the pattern itself is easily constructed.

I have some lovely transparency inspiration photos in my collection, but they would require at least three hues, so that has become another restriction – only two will be used this time. I do want to finish this project in a timely manner and fear that, if I try too much at once, I would never have anything to upload to Spoonflower.

With these ponderings done, I now eagerly wait for tomorrow’s email.

P.S. I truly hope that some of my quilting buddies will join me.


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