12 Days of Design Challenge

12 Days of Design Spoonchallenge

Hello hello, I’ve been ill ever since Wednesday last week and yesterday was the first productive day again. Feels great to be back :) Hope things have been going better at your end!

To my excitement, I read yesterday that Spoonflower is arranging a challenge called 12 Days of Design starting on 1 December and anyone can sign up to learn how to design fabric from idea to final product. Click on the link for more information on their blog.

You probably guess from the huge picture above that I signed up to receive these emails. I’ve been looking at fabrics for quite some time now and feel there is a distinct gap to fill in the tone-on-tone section of a fabric stash, so I’m hoping to design something within this category.

Speaking of Spoonflower, in case someone’s curiosity has been awakened, yes, I do have a profile there. It’s still totally newbie and needs to be streamlined with this blog. All of that is cooking behind the scenes right now, I can assure you.

Are you harbouring secret dreams of becoming a fabric designer one day? If yes, join me and we can share the experience! I’m sure it will be both fun and educational :)


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