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Hello and happy Monday to you! I’ve been cleaning up the Pages structure a bit and thought I’d let you know what’s in the making.

The About page includes a blurb about me as well as links to where I am to be found in the social media, not only as NWF but Solsken Design, too (website with shop and blog). I don’t like overlap, so you might find useful things on those accounts as well.

I’ve added a Contact section with a contact form page and a page for the media kit that I’ve just started working on.

My projects got their own section. This includes works in progress, finished projects, and projects that are in the queue right now.

You can find tips on how to organise your craft room and your calendar in the Organising section.

Once I’ve written patterns to publish, I’ll make a page for those, too. In the meantime, I’m pondering how to best present all these, including tutorials that I’ll write.

I hope you think of these changes as improvements and enjoy them!

In case you’re wondering what is up with the sunflowers, I can tell you that the length of the day is shorter than eight hours here now and we rarely see the sun, so it has to be artificially added in one way or the other :)

4 thoughts on “Updating Pages

  1. Kristy Daum

    Wow, the 8 hour day length thing is blowing my mind right now. You definitely need all the sunny photos you can get. I like how you are planning ahead with your Pages redesign, you never know what other new ideas you’ll want to tackle too. I was contemplating changing up my Free Tutorials page, as it’s getting a little overwhelming right now.

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Oh Kristy, I wish there were more hours in a day! If I have time to read up on my friends’ blogs, I don’t have time to work here. And vice versa :D It is positively brutal.

      I’ve been contemplating a small photo gallery of sorts for all the project pages, including (future) tutorials. Maybe three in a row. All I’d have to do is figure out how to post several pictures next to one another, then link to some kind of wrap-up post, and it would be much nicer to find one’s way around the blog. Tags and categories are nice, as is search for quick access, but they certainly aren’t visual options in any way.

      If you get some bright ideas, feel free to share :) I’ll share the most recent discovery I made on Pinterest, namely media kits. I had pinned a couple of sources earlier, but never really got to researching them. Today I finally checked them out and realised it’s something I need to get done. Also, I want it to be more professional somehow around here, because while it’s nice to fiddle around with things, I do want to publish patterns etc. like we’ve discussed and I’ve mentioned in passing here.

      I started a board for these media kits on Pinterest, it’s down at the bottom with the rest of the business-related boards. But you might already have such a thing in place? Again, I’d love to get more streamlined and on autopilot with certain tasks, which would allow me to use the freed up time on socialising! Which means I’d already know whether you have a kit or not :D This became a novella…


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