November 2014 Projects – Challenge

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Flickr doug88888

It’s been a while since my previous monthly challenge post and because it’s a new month, the timing is perfect for one to appear again. In November, I would love to get my projects moving in the following ways.

I would like to finish the following projects:

  • Journal cover – Deadline 30.11.
  • Pin cushion – Deadline 30.11. (provided I find the filling I have in mind)
  • Placemats – Deadline 30.11.
  • Zabuton – Deadline 30.11.

These projects I’d like to make progress on in the following way:

  • breathe quilt – Cut top, back, and batting, baste, draw letters, start quilting
  • Mug rug for Scandibee swap – Once inspiration mosaic is available, see whether pattern I have in mind is suitable, and pick fabrics, start working on it (since it is a secret project, there won’t be photos but until after the recipient has her hands on it)
  • Skill Builder 2013 quilt – Make the Sound Wave and Magnum blocks
  • Teapot cover – Finish pattern
  • Zafu – Investigate filling options

It’s interesting how projects can get stalled due to yak shaving. In this instance I’m thinking of the journal cover with a foundation paper pieced block on its front. I have extra fine pins for quilting, but lo and behold, the glass tip creates such a wobbly surface to press over that I had to buy pins with flat heads. That took some time due to my budget being restricted and once the pins finally arrived, I had other things going on in my life.

It is November after all and it might also be a good idea to ponder possible holiday gifts. I’ll see what will become of that, but suffice to say they would be on a small scale such as a quickly sewn pillow or a pencil case.

Do you plan your projects like this? Has it been helpful? Have you found a balance regarding the amount of projects that are realistic to hope to get done?


4 thoughts on “November 2014 Projects – Challenge

  1. Stina

    Pheww.. I really would need to learn by your organising …. I’m a total mess…lol…I’m listing everything…and still don’t remember things…not even the list…;0)))

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Heh, Stina, well, you’ve found your way here so it can’t be too bad :) If you have something particular in mind that you would like “second opinions” on regarding organising, just post a comment and I’ll see if I have some ideas!

  2. Kristy Daum

    I’m afraid to look at my list; but as you said…it is a new month, so what better time then now. Good Luck with making progress on yours, even little steps move things along.


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