breathe quilt letters are done

NWF breathe quilt letters 2014-10-27

My breathe quilt came to a halt for months for various reasons, but last night when yours truly was sleepless (I made a typo and wrote it with an h in place of the l; works quite nicely too to my astonishment), the letters were written using Eau Sans Black as planned. I filled an A4 page (like US letter size) in landscape format and printed it out. It looked like the picture on the left above.

Then a total brain fart happened. I frequently cut A4 copy paper into A5 with a metal ruler and scalpel, so since they are the usual tools, I grabbed them this time as well. Freehand scalpel cutting isn’t my thing, because for the life of me I can’t make it go straight. Add bad lighting and and an overly tired body as an extension of the scalpel, and you have a really bad mix. Half the letters were cut before I had that heureka moment we all were waiting for… Why not use a scissors? Good question. Once the penny had dropped, it was a breeze and the letters looked much nicer as a bonus. I never cease to impress myself in the dork department, though, and at least I know intricate paper crafting isn’t for me. At all.

The result is as nice as I had hoped for (minus the bad lighting of the photo on the right) and the next step in this process is to locate the white fabric, the batting, and the white backing. I’ll use up some inherited white thread in the process, which is even more pleasing as I’m really excited about the prospect of being able to buy some Aurifil for the first time.

NWF Modern Patchwork 2013-W screenshot

Screenshot of Urban Ombré wall quilt pattern

Yesterday I happened to flick through the Winter 2013 issue of Modern Patchwork and saw the Urban Ombrés wall quilt by Christine Barnes. I can’t figure out the construction technique because binding isn’t mentioned anywhere and the wide outermost strip seems to be a border. Regardless of the confusion, I have bookmarked a tutorial on how to tackle wider bindings by Lady Harvatine and am confident it’ll be a breeze.

Also, if you’re a frequent maker of quilts intended to hang on a wall, Rachel of Stitched in Color has an excellent tutorial on how to hang a mini quilt, which includes sewing a pocket for a dowel in place either prior to or after sewing the binding on.

I’m all set to make this mini quilt happen! Do you enjoy making these smaller types of quilts? They seem to be quite popular in swaps currently.


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